Our Approach

Our Lifestyle Financial Planning Approach

We believe our approach to financial planning will assist you in achieving your goals, while still providing a balance between your lifestyle today and your needs in the future. We begin by gaining an understanding of your current situation and your lifestyle goals and objectives, then separating these into the short, medium and long term.

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Short term goals are those that you wish to achieve within the next two years. Medium term goals cover those you aim to achieve between 2 and 5 years from now, and your long term goals are generally regarded as being more than 5 years away.

Once we have established your goals and objectives and their timeframes, we may look at all aspects of your personal affairs, including:

In providing this service, we recognise that we cannot be experts in every field and still offer a personalised and comprehensive service to you. In areas where we are not able to directly assist you, we are happy to help introduce you to experts qualified to provide the required assistance.

Naturally, changes in legislation, financial markets and your personal situation will occur over time and it is important that your financial plan is regularly reviewed and adjusted to reflect these changes. As your financial adviser, we will work with you and the relevant experts you have engaged to update your financial plan on an ongoing basis. Our aim is to proactively assist you to stay on track to achieve your goals, objectives and lifestyle choices.